I always like to pick a focus for each season (page) of the calendar.  This year I’d love to have some other writers/artists contribute to the conversation that happens on this blog.   If you are interested, please let me know!!!

This year, the focus for each season will be as follows:

Advent…a season of expectation

Christmas...a season of celebration

Epiphany….a season of illumination

Lent….a season of listening

Holy Week…a time to remember

Easter…a season of  “Halleluiahs”

and Ordinary Time becomes a time of Intentional Living

~in our churches

~in our families

~in love

~in justice and mercy

~in praise and gratitude





** all pictures are copyright 2009 Red Thread Photo

5 Responses to “View a Couple Pages…”

  1. Chamie Says:

    LOVE IT, Tara! The cover with the lantern and Bible and journal… it makes my heart sing – makes me think of dancing in holy rhythm with God. Thank you, thank you, thank you for sharing your gifts! What a blessing!

  2. Stacy Says:

    Chamie came and spoke to our church group today. Many of us would like to get this calendar. How do we go about doing that? Thanks!

    1. upsidedownandbackwards Says:

      Hi Stacy….The calendars are $16 each plus shipping (usually under $2). You can go to this post to get my email address.

      If you let me know how many you want and if I can ship them all to the same place, that can cut down on shipping costs.

      Thanks!! ~Tara

    2. upsidedownandbackwards Says:

      Stacy…I made a mistake. I forgot shipping was included!!

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