So…inspired by the thought that Easter is more poetry than prose AND an idea from Karen at Lent and Beyond as she says, “Hmmmm… Maybe we should write a new hymn based on that Lenten standby Lord, who throughout these 40 days… What would we write for an Easter Hymn:  Lord throughout these FIFTY days?”  Here is what I wrote…(highlighted parts are only because I can’t figure out how to single space!!!)

Lord, throughout these 50 days

You appear so we may see

Then with a breath, Your Spirit give

Your harbingers we’ll be

You appeared to those first followers

In the midst of their fear to stand

You spoke “Shalom” upon them

As they touched Your wounded hand

You ate and drank and walked with them

So teach us, Risen Lord

To feast upon Your Easter joy

And bring justice to Your world

New songs of new creation

A new covenant has borne

Love and hope become the language

To a planet tired and worn

We’ll announce a royal welcome

Thy kingdom has come to pass

Earth’s been kissed by Heaven

And Your bride is born at last