The Genesis stories of creation begin with “heaven and earth”, but that turns out to be merely a warm-up exercise for the main event, the creation of human life, man and woman, designated “image of God”.  Man and woman are alive with the very breath of God.  If you want to look at creation full, creation at its highest, you look at a person – a man, a woman, a child.  The faddish preference for appreciating creation in a bouquet of flowers over a squalling baby, for a day on the beach rather than rubbing shoulders with uncongenial neighbors – creation with the inconvenience of persons excised – in understandable, but it is also decidedly not creation in the terms it has been revealed to us.  (Eugene Peterson)

Lord, though I see You in a wildflower and feel You in the warmth of the sunshine…let me enter fully into Your creation (and thus You) through the eyes and limbs of others.  O help me to learn (and eventually love) to practice the presence of other people!