I love living in the Pacific Northwest!  It is green and lush and thick with vegetation.  As you fly into the airport you are able to see why some call Seattle the Emerald City!

But there is a moment – a day or two perhaps – when the green explodes into yellows, organge, browns and reds.  The leaves of the trees begin to sing in color!!  They hum in harmony with one another, complimenting each other.  No one color or leaf outshines the others, for their beauty is made all the more prominent when the differences between them can be seen.  It is in the diversity that true beauty is seen.

And…as I walk through this colorful symphony, I am rich!!

I had the opportunity last week to be with a group of people at a retreat.  There we talked about living in rhythm with the Christian Seasons and walking faithfully with God.  One night a group of us sat together and I began to hear that lovely music of diversity again.

There we sat – a Methodist, a Lutheran, a Russian Orthodox, and me (a non-denominational girl who leans toward the Christian mystics and now attends a charismatic church…go figure!!).  And in that small circle of chairs, the world broke out in vibrant color again!  Each person’s beauty accentuated by the differences of the other traditions!  The conversation was a lovely symphony of diverse words and ideas.

And…as I walked away, I realized that, like among the leaves, I am rich within the many colors of my brothers and sisters in Christ!

Lord, thank you for the colors – both in nature and inside Your Church.  Help us to live our lives vibrantly for You while also knowing that others also add to the color of the landscape.  May Your Church in all her color spectrum point to You, our Creator.  And may the world see the beauty of a God who does not just paint in black and white.