I really feel like my life has been caught in a whirlwind for the past couple of months.  First, I do think the rhythm of the summer is a little more chaotic than that of the school year.  Then that rhythm continued to follow me into the Fall.  I am a photographer (as well as a mom, wife, and all else!) and this season has been SUPER busy!!

It has been difficult to slow down…rest…play…and not allow work to consume me.  (Although I don’t think I’m saying anything that any other mother wouldn’t say as well!)

So…this is a quick post to say that I’m back (or at least trying to be)!  And to share a resource we’ve been using during this last little bit of Ordinary Time.



As far as I understand, for some, the last bit of Ordinary Time becomes “Kingdomtide”.  We’ve been trying to practice this in our family – both in our reading and our living of life.  One of the books that we’ve enjoyed reading together around our meal times is Tales of the Kingdom by David and Karen Mains.  It is a beautiful allegory of life in the kingdom and each time I read it, I find new depths and dimensions.

For little kids and big kids…it is a wonderful read!!!