If only I can get one more thing done.

Dishes piling in the sink.

Pictures needing to be edited.

Piles of clothing looking to be washed.

Chaotic dance.

Noisy activity.

I hear  screams of “be productive!!”

I should exercise.

I should return phone calls and emails.

I should…I should…I should…

I was made to work, was I not?

Finishing…accomplishing feels good.

It drives me to squeeze all I can out of the moment.

But it squeezes out my vitality too.

Until my body shuts down and says “no”.

In infirmity I hear deeper music.

No…it is the same chaotic tune

Only I have forgotten to sing the repetitive chorus.

For its pace slows and says “REST…REST…REST”

“Cease striving and know I am God…”

“In quietness and trust is your strength…”

“Remember the Sabbath and keep it…”

“Trust Me…I am God!”

But I find myself arguing with the Almighty.

If I can only use my time to get things done…(wait, Whose time??)

If I can just cross off a few more items on the list, then I can sit and be still.

But The List is a prolific breeding machine

Until my desk overflows with “just one more thing”.

So I choose to trust Him

And not the twin idols of efficiency and productivity.

To gaze upon my God,

To remember He holds the cosmos together…not me,

To learn to “waste time” with Him,

To obey,

To know the rest of God.