Perhaps a prophetic call to us all in the church in the West???

When Jesus sent his disciples out on mission, he told them to be poor, to take nothing with them.  And he told them to do things that were impossible for them to do all by themselves.  So it is for all missions.  Communities and their members are called to be poor and to do impossible things, such as to build community and to bring healing, reconciliation, forgiveness and wholeness to people.  Mission is to bring the life of God to others, and this can only be done if communities and people are poor and humble, letting the life of God flow through them.

Mission implies this double poverty, but also trust in the call and the power of God manifested through poverty, littleness, and humility.

In the degree that people and communities are rich, self-satisfied, proud of their competence and power, and want to do things that they know they are capable of doing, then they can no longer be instruments of the life of God.  They give what they have, which is their self-satisfaction.”   ~Jean Vanier