PossibleLoveOT copy 2

On the back of my car I have a sticker that says “Love Wins”.  I put it there because it is the phrase I want to live by.  Love won me over and I am watching Love transform a few around me whom many thought were un-transformable.  Even when hate and distrust and contempt seem to be the prevailing story, I want to cling to the truth that “Love Wins”.  I want to remember that I stand on this side of the cross and the resurrection – where Love won its decisive victory.  Now I want to be an agent of that powerful, unstoppable Love.

“My Lord is the source of Love; I the river’s course.

Let God’s love flow through me.  I will not obstruct it.

Irrigation ditches can water but a portion of the field;

the great Yangtze River can water a thousand acres.

Expand my heart, O Lord, that I may love yet more people.

The waters of love can water vast tracts,

nothing will be lost to me.

The greater the outward flow, the greater the returning tide.

If I am not linked to Love’s source, I will dry up.

If I dam the waters of Love, they will stagnate.

Can I compare my heart to the boundless seas?

But abandon not the measure of my heart, O Lord.

Let the waves of your love still billow there!”

-Wang Walton