I have been reading (and enjoying) a book called The Mystic Way of Evangelism by Elaine A. Heath.  In it, she proposes that the church – in the 21st century West – is in a “dark night of the soul” and that the mystics have much to say to us as we try to navigate this season.  Though I don’t always land where she does, the book prompted me to think and challenged me once again about the power of God’s love.

Here is a poem she wrote at the end of the book that I thought was just beautiful:

I emerge from the tomb of my slumber

Loose the attachments

That bound me for so long

No one guessed at my beauty

I leave the stifling night of my confinement

Slide into the cool baptismal waters

Suspended in the breaking of the dawn

Stroke on stroke

Stroke on stroke

I glide

Suspended in mercy

Now I emerge

Now I breathe

Now I sing

Now I live

Your redemption