(First, a disclaimer on the picture…please don’t be offended by the “gun”.  I tried for years to fight it, but most of the little boys I know pick up anything – sticks, rocks, pieces of toast – and turn them into a weapon.  I cannot fight chromosomes!)

OK, so with school almost out and the sun illuminating our world until well after 9:30 pm, kids are out and playing in the neighborhood.  With that comes the congregating of a lot of boys on the block…and playing all sorts of games.  I have only one problem with this.  After a while there seems to be a little too much testosterone generating and the boys end up fighting or picking on each other.  AND this usually happens when they are left to themselves with no adults around for too long.

So…I have a question for any wise people out there.  What are some organized/semi-organized activities that you’ve done with groups of boys (3-5th grade)?  I’d love some inexpensive ideas to keep them having fun, occupied and not fighting this summer.  I’d also love our house to be a place where they come play so I can keep an eye on what is going on.