Life has been FULL…guests at our house, end of the year projects, performances and parties, a trip to Arizona and editing photos.  I know that the Spirit is churning in me and brewing some new pictures and metaphors to be written about at a later date.  As we approach Pentecost, I am reminded of His (the Spirit’s) moving and working.  Here is a poem I wrote:

_MG_8538 copy


He comes
a gentle breeze
making music through the tree branches
loosening the feeble grip of the folliage

He comes
a small flicker
bringing light and warmth within His flame
consuming each wick He finds

He comes
a mighty wind current
raising dust from the dead into a swirling funnel
lifting and dropping the soaring bird

He comes
a wide-hearthed fire
frolicking upon logs and scorching stone
crackling with whispers of untamed flame

He comes
wind and fire
combining into unstoppable Force
crossing the landscape in a dance un-containable

He comes
a rushing wind, a tongue of fire
covering the planet in searing wildfire
gathering a people who play among the Flames

He is here
Bold, tender, dangerous, unpredictable
The wildest member of the Trinity