Perhaps because the days are getting longer or maybe because we actually have some sunny days, but I find my calendar getting fuller and fuller (is that really a word?) and it is becoming more difficult to rein the family in around the table for a meal together.  (I find that in the winter darkness we in the Northwest seem to “hunker down” and stay in and home more.  With the coming of spring and what feels like eternal daytime, people begin to plan events again.)

So I am challenged with what parenting through all the seasons looks like and how do we still form our family by The Story when we seem to be scattered.  Not that I have any great answers, but I am loving a couple of books that speak to me on this topic (or round about this topic).  I thought I’d pass the on to anyone else who is feeling the frantic pace of spring and summer beginning to pick up.

Habits of a Child’s Heart: Raising Your Kids with the Spiritual Disciplines – I think this is going to be the focus of our “StoryFormed” Family during Ordinary Time (or Season after Pentecost).  I want all of us (including my 9 and 12 year old) to learn to live well in the rhythm of the disciplines.

The Three Big Questions for a Frantic Family: a leadership fable about restoring sanity to the most inportant organization in your life – I read this book in 3 hours yesterday!  (That is the advantage of having school aged kids, finding a local coffeeshop, and using the “silence” mode on the cell phone!)  But I LOVED this book and cannot wait to digest it even more, discuss it with my husband (he’s reading it now), and begin to put it into action.

So I’d love to know this:  what other books do you love (or have been helpful) in terms of raising kids and keeping families sane?