I love it when my kids laugh together.  Not just a chuckle or a smirk with a sound, but that deep belly laugh – the one that sounds as though delight and enjoyment are bubbling up within and must escape in an effervescent explosion!  Usually when this happens my kids are also like a couple of puppies – running, tumbling, cascading over one another – not knowing that there is anything else to do in the world but play!

Those moments are “Easter moments”.  In fact, I find myself wondering as I read the Scriptures, how much laughter went on during the 50 days between the resurrection and Pentecost.  I know the gospel writers don’t mention it, but I just wonder if the followers of Jesus found themselves giggling about this once dead Messiah or laughing at themselves and all they had misunderstood.  Perhaps the astonishment of it all caused them to laugh out loud as they worshiped God in the Temple.

I’m not sure if any of that happened,  but what I know for sure is that I want to continue to celebrate for the entire 50 days.  I want to live out “alleluias”. I want to laugh out loud at what has happened in the resurrection and I want my children to know the joy of it too – even in little ways.  So the other day we did a little Easter season activity.  It was frivolous, silly, celebratory, full of joy and lots of laughter.


I had gone to the store earlier that day and, among other things, bought two containers of bubbles.  That night after dinner (and evening Easter reading) our kids really wanted to go outside and blow them.  On our front lawn they chased each other with bubbles and tried catching the bubbles floating through the air.  Breathlessly, our daughter came charging through the door and asked if they could go on the roof to blow the bubbles.  My husband and I looked at each other…I was about to say “no!” when he said “absolutely”!  (I learned much from him that evening of not curbing Easter joy, but to let it be exuberant.)


So we got out the ladder, climbed up on the roof and let our children blow bubbles from the roof top!  We enjoyed a gorgeous sunset, one another and the sound of joy being manifested in laughter.  What a delightful way to experience a bit of Easter!