I found this quote over at Lent and Beyond and loved it!!

Happy then this day to us; happy we that this day came, which opens to us a door of hope—have reason, therefore, to remember it, and with joy to keep it, as the first dawning of a better hope, the day-spring of all our happiness. This day our head is risen, and with him our hope has enlarged its borders, and made a prospect into the other world, sees some comfort there for our sorrows here. This day’s bright -shining beams have lightened our eyes, that now we shall not sleep in death; a Sunday indeed, the first true Sunday that ever shone, wherein the Sun of righteousness arose out of the chambers of the grave, to guide our feet out of misty darkness into marvelous light–out of the paths of the dead into the land of the living–out of this miserable into a blessed life by Christ’s resurrection.”

Rev. Mark Frank (1613-1664)
Sermons (Vol. II)

I also found this poem last year at Emergent Kiwi’s site.  I like the “door kicker” image.

resurrection door kicker

Jesus, door kicker, strides out the tomb
hinges swinging
door banging
in Spirit’s breeze

Jesus, walks our world,
loving on sandy beach, gathering on grassy knoll,
calling “Followers, to me”

If you walk away, will we follow?

inside 4 walls,
contains, confines,
holds, hoards


jogging through city street,
laughing, listening,
stretching through house and home,

Til Kingdom come