I sat under my cherry blossom trees today and smiled as the delicate pink petals rained down on me – blown off the branches by a gentle breeze.  They fell in my hair, gently kissed my face as they fell into the folds of my jacket, and and were swept into piles around my feet.  Each petal is so small and weighs almost nothing – a single drop –  yet together they blanket my garden like snow.

I was challenged and encouraged by a post by Splendor in the Ordinary about Wendell Berry’s poem that ends with the words “Practice resurrection”.  I like those words – practice resurrection.  It reminds me I don’t have to have it all together or do something so spectacular, but I just need to practice…everyday.  In her post, Amy shared a list of things that a group of students came up with to “practice resurrection” during these 50 days of Easter.  I came up with my own list at the bottom of this post, and I wonder what it would be like if all serious followers of Jesus came up with a specific list of “practices” for the next 50 days and set about doing them.

As we practice resurrection, would those around us sit and enjoy the cascading actions?  Would they see the beauty of God’s story?  Would they feel “spring” in their lives and taste the sweetness of new life?  It seems to me that, like my cherry blossom petals, these resurrection practices are small graces.  They swirl and dance wherever the current of the wind takes them.  Alone, the small choices we make as individuals to practice resurrection may seem insignificant, but altogether?  Well that is a different story.  Because all together, as Easter people choosing to practice resurrection, our choices just might blanket the world.

So…I don’t think I am going to sweep the petals off my deck any time soon.  I am going to let them linger; I am going to run my toes through them; I am going to bask in their beauty; And I am going to let them whisper their Easter song:  “Practice Resurrection”!!


my list (though not exhaustive)

Read through Matthew 5-7 to remember the Kingdom Manifesto… watch cartoons with my kids… give a monetary gift annonymously to someone in need…plant some container gardens and share the harvest with our neighbors… pick up trash around our community… choose to love and serve someone I don’t really like… send an extra gift to our sponsor child in Kenya… ask an elderly neighbor if we could help her with any house repairs… tell my husband each day things I admire about him… host a neighborhood get together…eat dessert at least once a week…(and not post any more pictures of my cherry blossoms!!)