“The Son of God was laid upon the cross.  He had clung faithfully to the cross until the end of the journey.  But then He was to become one with the cross.  He was to be nailed to it.  He was to die upon it.  New instruments of torture came in view.  In addition to the chains of arrest, the whips of the scourging and the crown of thorns, we can now see the huge nails and hammer.

How Jesus must have trembled when He saw them!  What grief must have pierced the Father’s heart as the time for this cruel, new torture approached the Son.  Nailed to the cross!  Wehn we talk of nailing things, we usually mean lifeless objects.  We hammer nails through them, but they are insensitive.  We do not work on living creatures with hammers and nails.  But the Son of Man, who is the Son of God, the Creator of man, was less respected and worse treated than a lifeless object.  With crude violence they hammered nails into His hands and feet.  Those hands created and sustained the world.  One day, all enemies, together with the whole universe, will fall down at those feet.”  (From Behold His Love by Basilea Schlink)