Do a brief search of the Gospels and see how many times Jesus says “Follow Me”.  The Scriptures record Him saying  it to fishermen, to a tax collector, to a rich young ruler, to His disciples, to would be disciples, talking about His sheep, to those who would serve Him, and to one who had his eyes on someone else asking “what about him?”.  It is the call of Jesus to all of us…”Follow Me”.

I wonder how you view this call.  What do you imagine as you hear His words?  Do you see a mighty general commanding his army?  Do you see a friend motioning for you to walk with him along a certain path?  Do you see the leader of a group on a quest?  Or do you see a boss directing the words at his employees?  Truly the pictures that may come to mind are as vast and numerous as humans upon the earth.  For my part, I imagine an invitation to dance.

Now on the dance floor, there needs to be one leader and one follower – or else the dancers look awkward or too stiff or almost fighting one another.  If the man is particularly a strong leader, he can really lead his partner through the dance without her needing to know the steps.  She, however, must give in to him and his leading of her; she cannot try to do her own thing nor try to anticipate his next move.  Her role is to simply listen to the music, follow his lead and trust him.

So it goes with me and Jesus as He invites me to follow Him onto the dance floor.  He knows what He is doing and holds me firmly but for my part, I must be aware of how He is leading me – a slight swoop to the right, a squeeze on my hand as a cue to move toward Him, or any slight nuance as He leads and guides.  I must trust Him fully and, in many ways, forget myself.  I am not trying to calculate the radius of the next twirl or the number of steps until the dance is done.  I simply give myself to the Leader of the dance and the One who has invited me to follow Him.

Dance, then, wherever you may be;

I am the Lord of the dance, said He.

And I’ll lead you all wherever you may be,

And I’ll lead you all in the dance, said He.

(song:  Lord of the Dance)