In light of the words that I hear most often on the news these days – “ECONOMIC DOWNTURN” – I thought I’d post a couple of links to some thought provoking blogs.

What will the people of God do during these times?  What does God call us to do?  Is the hand of God in the current economic status?  Have we followers of Jesus (in America) bought in to more of the American Dream than into God’s dreams?  With the stock market ebbing and flowing, where will we choose to invest?

Christine Sine writes an interesting post in Lent – Finding Freedom in the Desert

David Malouf has one entitled How Many Recessions in 2009?

For me, I have been challenged by a section from Romans 12 where Paul says “Share with God’s people who are in need”.  I am convicted that I do not often do that with those around me (sometimes because I do not know they are in need), but I especially do not think about those brothers and sisters in Christ in other places in the world.  What does it look like for me and my family to “share with God’s people who are in need”?  And how do we get the resources into the hands of those in the family of God who are around the world?   As these questions churn in me, I want our children to participate in the sharing as well.  So what will that look like? AND as I ask God to “Search me, O God, and know my heart…” I know He is finding places in there that are miserly, calculating and hoarding.  I want to “share” because He asks me to, but in the act of obedience I also want Him to transform my heart.

Lord, give us, Your church, a vision of what You desire from us during these economic times.  Teach us to live with open hands and hilariously generous hearts and lives.  May we give out of obedience and find that our hearts are changed as we share what we have with Your people.  Give us eyes to see those who are in need and give us Your guidance as to how you would have us give.  As we take care of one another, may the world see You and know that we are Yours by our love for one another.  Amen.