Not to be confused with “lentil soup” (for which I have a great recipe), Lenten soup is quite different altogether.  Lenten soup is the soup of letting go, waiting, and trusting that new life will come.  It is happening all the time in our lives but often we resist the process because…well, it’s so soupy.

It is the “recipe” a caterpillar follows.  At some point in their short lives, the caterpillar knows it is time to change.  Perhaps there are seasonal cues (like Lent in our life?) or perhaps just a deep, instinctual calling toward transformation.  At any rate, the caterpillar fastens itself to a twig or branch, sheds its skin one last time and forms a chrysalis as its skin hardens.  Once inside, the creature moves very little.

So too, in this season, we are called to a chrysalis-like place.  We shed old habits and turn inward in self-examination and heart processing.  For many of us, there is a quiet Center that we go back to during these 40 days from which we desire not to move from.

The amazing thing is what happens next in the process.  If you were to break open a chrysalis during this time, you would not find a half caterpiller-half butterfly.  You would actually find “soup”.  Upon entering the chrysalis, the caterpillar’s body dissolves and becomes a soft, creamy liquid.  The caterpillar ceases to be…

Once again, this may be the process we actually find ourselves in.  As we become aware of our sin and allow God to search our hearts, we too may feel as though we are turning into soup.  We cannot live in the same form that we have once lived, but we may not know what new forms we will take.

Although the caterpillar ceases to be, all the DNA needed to make a butterfly is found within the “soup”.  Eventually, by waiting and remaining in the chrysalis, the transformation process completes itself.  A new creature emerges from the chrysalis.  Now it lives as a butterfly.

There is much work done on our part when we enter into heart-searching.  We must remain still and open as areas of our lives are turned to soup.  We must trust the Soup-Maker  As He takes us to places where we dissolve, it always creates the DNA for the new creature He wants us to be.

Lord, I declare that right now parts of my life are soupy and I have no idea what sort of recipe You are making.  But I want to give in to the dissolving process, the waiting and the holding still while You do Your work in my heart.