It seems as though my heart has mimicked the weather of Epiphany.  It has been foggy, cold and dark outside, and I realize the same is true for the climate of my heart.

As we enter into Lent and the daylight lengthens, I too, open my heart to You and the radiance of Your light.  Please come illuminate the dark corners of my heart and bring warmth to those places gone cold.

I understand that sometimes Your illumination will feel like exposure and my first response wil be to hide, to shrink back into dark corners.  But I desire instead to choose to trust You.  I understand that other times Your light will bring a warmth to the very core of my soul and I will bask with delight in it.  But while I enjoy it, I will not grab after it.  My heart will be satisfied with what You desire to give.

I ask only these things:  the patience to sit before You with an open heart and the firm anchor of trusting Your great love toward me.

Arise, Thou Sun,

Upon the winter landscape of my heart

Winter rations are dwindling

And I need Thy light!