Our Lenten theme this year is going to be “Search me, O God.  And know my heart.  Try me and know my anxious thoughts.  See if there is any hurtful way in me, and lead me in  the everlasting way.”  (Psalm 139)  We will be exploring what the scriptures have to say about our hearts and opening our hearts up to the work of God.  Our prayer and activties will be focused around the central theme of searching our hearts.

My Lenten discipline is going to be that of writing.  I have committed to God time each day to read and write on the subject of the heart and what it looks like to allow God to open us up and transform us.  Much of what I write I will post here.  That too is part of my Lenten discipline – to overcome my insecurity and publish some unrefined theological and life musings.  I’d love any feedback or insights or good reads…

I read the other day that the word Lent finds its root in the word “to lengthen”.  Our days are getting longer – a true blessing for those who live in Northern places!!  And I believe God wants to lengthen us – to grow us larger, to lengthen our character, to enlarge our relationship with Him.  Lent is about that lengthening, which may come to us in a form of stretching us beyond our comfortable places.  But the lengthening is always good.

I am reminded of one of A.W. Tozer’s prayers: “Englarge (or lengthen) and purify the mansion of my heart that it may be fit habitation for Thy Spirit.”  May that be our prayer this Lenten season.