Happy Valentine’s Day!!!_mg_9641

Opening prayer:

O Lord, You have taught us that without love, whatever we do is worth nothing:  Send Your Holy Spirit and pour into our hearts Your greatest gift, which is love, the true bond of peace and of all virtue.  Grant this for the sake of Your only Son Jesus Christ, who lives and reigns with You and the Holy Spirit.  One God, now and for ever.  Amen

Readings: (we read from The Life of Christ in Stereo, so I’m putting in the references for those who want them)

“I believe – Help my unbelief” – Mt. 17:14-21, Mk 9:14-29, Lk. 9:37-43a

Discourses on Humility and Forgiveness – Mt. 18:1-20, Mk. 9:33b-10:1, Lk. 9:46-50

How Many Times Forgive? – Mt. 18:21-35

The Good Samaritan – Lk 10:25-37

Martha and Mary – Lk. 10:38-42