Epiphany is hard!!  It is truly “ordinary time”.  It is the time in which I have to do the mundane, the repetative and the miniscule.  It is in the mid-life of winter so all around me is barren, cold, hibernating.  Yet when I turn my face toward the homes on my street and there is the warm glow of incandescent light cascading from the windows.  The smoke of a chimney gives evidence to a warmth and a gathering happening inside.  Where nature denies it, these man-made structures proclaim life, movement and growth.

Perhaps as I live Epiphany, this is where I must turn – inside my home.  I cannot tend a garden right now, but perhaps I am to sow seeds inside my dwelling place.  Perhaps I am to sow them in the unseemingly rich soil of the mundane, the repetitive and the miniscule moments of marriage and motherhood.

Epiphany isn’t just hard, it is boring!  But perhaps it sheds light on my heart’s desire to always be entertained or in a state of “experience”.  There are no grand celebrations to prepare for, just the very present here and now of a nightly family meal.  There are no “silent nights” or Ash Wednesdays, just average days that slip by the world’s notice – save that of three people (husband, daughter, son).  There is no special music written for this season except the long monotonous note of remaining faithful in the little things.

No doubt Epiphany living is hard.  It brings me face to face with the reality and work of life.  It offers no excitement, spiritual “experience”, or even pleasure.  What it does offer though is a time to mature, to remain faithful to my calling and to still live intentionally when feelings fail me.  It also gives me a  time to live presently – not reminising about past seasons or preparing for the next.  I am to be HERE – immersed in each moment (no matter how boring it feels!) and presenting each action to God, asking Him to “establish Thou the work of my hands”.