We had a slight change of plans for our Advent evenings.  We are still using the evening prayer format, but we are going to use the readings from this site.  The page is about a Jesse Tree and if you scroll down to the bottom, there is a table of readings.

We are not doing a Jesse Tree (although it is a good idea), but instead, as we read the Scriptures, our kids are going to draw a picture of what they are hearing.  Then we will take those pictures and lay them on the floor of the stable that is on our table.  They will become the ground on which Mary, Joseph and Jesus will eventually be placed.

How the Story Forms Us: We had a great time tonight with the story of creation.  Our kids wanted to light the candles and participate in the readings.  We had a great discussion about what the word “refuge” means and what it means to be in the season of Advent.