I had a conversation this morning with a friend about listening.  Listening to God and then following Him in the direction He reveals.  As I enter this new year, with Advent just around the corner, I am reminded that I want this Advent to be a season of listening.  I want to be sure to not get caught up in the busyness of the world around me, but rather become a listener – listening to stories of longing for hope and deliverance, listening to the cries of God’s people for a Messiah, listening to those in my community, listening to my family, and, of course, listening to God.

I came across this prayer that I wrote a while back and again, it reminds me to listen.  (I think there is a theme going on here!!)

Lord, my world is so often abuzz with noise

My body feels the obligation to always be doing

My mind is filled with a cacophony of voices

vying for my attention

I hear people

I hear endless words

I hear discordant sounds

…I hear everything, but You.

So as I enter into this day

I ask for Your grace and mercy

to be still

to rest

to be quiet

So I may open my ears and heart to You

Father, settle me in Your stillness

Jesus, teach me to listen

Spirit, speak

Today, I will listen

To the Three, I will listen