A new day dawns. The kingdom of God rushes in; sunbeams penetrating the darkness, dispelling the frigid night air. A frozen planet begins to thaw.

A new day dawns. Light cascades through atmospheric dust to reach a silent, suffering planet. Liquid gold laps upon her shores with redemptive fingers – wooing her, calling her out of dark dwelling places.

A new day dawns. Artemis bows her head to say good-bye. Her silvery locks kiss the golden hem of the Dayspring of whom she has been a reflection of glory. The coronation trumpets sound. A new day dawns.

A new day dawns -to a people dwelling in darkness where optical possibilities lie only in black and white. The dawn brings with it a burst of vivid, brilliant color and eyes which have never seen must learn to see again, this time within the frequencies of the broad color spectrum.

A new day dawns. Light has come, and it dances into every dark corner, sending out the invitation to come and join the dance.