Please visit the tabs above for a history of each of the seasons, as well as a short explanation about the Story-Formed Calendar.  (And Scroll down for more current musings!)

For more ideas, prayers, and activities for each season, click on the categories to the right.  As you participate and live within the seasons and the story of the Gospel, I’d love to hear your insights, prayers, and whatever else you’d like to share.  This is a community effort as we are formed by the story of God and we need to hear from one another.

The price of the calendar is $14 (plus shipping).  You can order it by emailing at2

It is my prayer that you, your family, and/or your community would be blessed by the calendar.  And that this blog would be an added encouragement and a regular stopping place in your spiritual formation.


The idea of using the calendar is not perfection.  Since many of us come from non-liturgical traditions, living within the story of Jesus and the rhythm of the Christian seasons may be difficult.  However, like most difficult endevours, the fruit of sticking in there is worth it!

If you have never even really heard of “Christian Seasons”, I’d encourage you to pick one or two seasons to really intentionally live and participate in.  Then enjoy and/or explore the rest of the year with no expectations of perfection.  Then, with each additional year, you can add to what you’ve already lived out the previous year.  If you don’t do so well one season, come back and try in the next one.  The great thing about the calendar is that, as you put all your events/appointments/special days on it, it gently reminds you Whose story you live in and how to live within it.

It is a process and a journey…not something to be mastered!